VA Refinance Information: VA to VA Streamline Refinance IRRRL

If you are a Veteran, with an existing VA Guaranteed Mortgage, you are entitled to an additional benefit from The Department of Veteran Affairs when it comes to refinancing your VA mortgage.

This program is called a VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan or IRRRL (VA Refinance). Under this program, you can refinance your existing VA mortgage loan without having to re-qualify or have a new appraisal done (in most cases). In fact, the full credit report is replaced by a mortgage only credit report or a payment history from your lender for qualification purposes. This report shows only your mortgage payment history and none of your other credit or credit scores.

The main eligibility for this program is the new VA mortgage must have the purpose of lowering the current interest rate, shortening the loan term of the current mortgage or converting from an ARM to a fixed rate loan.

When choosing someone to help you refinance your VA Mortgage, It makes sense that you choose a mortgage firm that has the Veteran’s best interest as its primary goal. You have found that with us.

I have been originating mortgage loans for fifteen years and are licensed to do business in Wisconsin.

I have always believed that the best service I can offer our customers is to educate them to the process and then to offer them the most beneficial program available. Even if you are currently working with another mortgage company in a loan process, I would be glad to evaluate their offer and give you a comparison of what I can do.

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